Sunday Mornings


What to expect at our services

  • Come as you are. There are no restrictions or requirements in how you arrive to worship. We are a congregation of diverse ages, backgrounds, and experiences. But we have one common goal: to grow in our knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  • Our worship style is “blended.” That means you’ll hear church music from recent years as well as beloved favorites from generations past. On stage you’ll see a variety of instruments and a diverse group of people serving as our worship team. Our worship team arranges the worship each week based on content before style.
  • We serve communion in every Sunday service. Communion is meant for believers. Any person who is a follower of Jesus Christ may partake in communion in our services (gluten free available).
  • We take an offering in every Sunday service. We ask that guests do NOT contribute to our ministries. Tithes and offerings are a privilege and responsibility for our members and regular attenders.
  • We offer nursery ages birth through 3 years old. Your child will be checked in the the nursery and you will receive a pager to alert you if your child should need you.

Adult Sunday School

Class: The Minor Prophets an Expository Study
Start Date: Fall 2016
End Date: TBD
Facilitator: Jared A.
Room: Sanctuary
Class: Harmony of the Gospels
Start Date: September 2017
End Date: TBD
Facilitator: Alex T.
Room: 102
Class: Hebrews
Start Date: September 2017
End Date: TBD
Facilitator: Matt J.
Room: 104/106

Senior High Sunday School

Our Sr. High student ministry Sunday school class offers a small group setting for students to study through God’s Word. Our students meet in room 201/203.

Children’s Sunday School

Our children’s ministry offers classes for all ages starting at 2 years old. Below is the list of the classes we offer and their classroom.

Class: 2 & 3 year olds
Teacher(s) Landon & Alicia R.
Room 208
Class: 4, 5 and Kindergarten
Teacher(s) Joe & Cherie S.
Room 207
Class: 1st – 2nd Grade
Teacher(s): Sheldon & Joy Mc.
Room: 205
Class: 3rd & 4th Grade
Teacher(s): Mike B.
Room: 204
Class: 5th & 6th Grade
Teacher(s): Gary & Tina S.
Room: 206
Class: Junior High (7th & 8th Grade)
Teacher(s):  Darren H. & Eric Y.
Room: 202
Class: Senior High (9th-12th Grade)
Teacher(s): Bob & Robin H.
Room: 201/203

Building Map

Take a look at our Building map to get a look see where the classes will be held.