What is an Elder? Elders have a fatherly/pastoral role of spiritual leadership in the church. They are selected by age, wisdom, and spiritual giftedness according to 1Timothy 3; 1Peter 5; and Titus 1. These men are good men. Together they are the irreplaceable shepherds of God’s flock.

Larry Frew

Larry served as our preaching minister from 1972-2001.  Graduates of Manhattan Christian College, Larry and his wife Diana served and led faithfully across all aspects of local church ministry and raised two sons here.  Since retirement from the full-time ministry, Larry has returned to WCCC and taught adult Bible classes.


Landon Roth

Landon has provided a wealth of expertise to our ministries at WCCC, notably serving multiple years as church treasurer. Hailing from Iowa, he consistently brings tone that is friendly and trustworthy, carefully weighing the facts before him. Landon and his wife, Alicia, are faithfully raising their four children here in KCK. They have been a part of our congregation for over 10 years.



Gary Strub

A talented businessman, Gary has been a faithful servant in our church for over fifteen years.  Gary has a modest, friendly way about him; he shows generous hospitality and has taught Sunday School, served as a deacon and church treasurer, and filled many other roles over the years.  Gary and his wife, Tina, raised three children in this congregation.

Joe Stude

Joe Stude Picture

Joe and his wife, Cherie, have been one of our most faithful teaching teams, teaching both young children and youth group and volunteering for everything in between. Joe has a pastoral heart, is quick to call on the sick, and is a wonderful mentor and father-figure to our children. Joe and Cherie have raised their three daughters in our church during their many years of service here.


 Jared Altic

Jared is the Preaching Minister at Wyandotte and, as such, is the congregation’s primary Bible teacher and Bible counselor. His passion is studying God’s Word and one of his primary responsibilities is preaching and teaching in a way that is both Biblically sound and interesting. Jared has been at WCCC since August 2000.

Jared was born in Lawrence, Kansas. He earned his degree from Ozark Christian College where he focused on Preaching and the New Testament. Jared and his wife Shannon have four sons: Brennan, Tanner, Elijah, Graham, and a daughter, Anneliese.

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Church Board

What is the Church Board?  The Elders prayerfully select and invite members to become Elders, Deacons, or Deaconesses for three-year terms. Each of these people has a unique ministry but they also collectively constitute the Church Board. The Board exists as a state-recognized entity responsible for the business of the local congregation. At Wyandotte, we always try to remember that we are called by Christ to be a family not an organization, the Body of Christ and not just a committee.